How to keep your computer safe from viruses

Your computer has been serviced by John Errington at, and should continue to provide good service.

Please note we do not offer any form of guarantee or warranty on your software, data or equipment.

Any parts that have been replaced will of course carry their own warranty.

All computers that we return have a working anti-virus program installed (we currently recommend AVAST free edition) and have also been scanned for viruses using one or more virus scanners.

There are many ways your computer can get infected. Clicking on links in your browser, downloading "free" programs, opening attachments in emails, clicking on images or other links in your browser - even plugging in a usb drive (memory stick) can introduce a virus to your PC. And no anti-virus program is 100% effective. This is why we can not offer any guarantee that your computer will not become infected after it is returned to you.

To keep your PC safe from virus infections you need to follow some simple rules:

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For more advice on keeping your computer safe, and CLEAN links to virus-free software, visit

Of course, should you have any further problems we will be happy to help. Just ring 01207 549392, or email