Problems with your Internet connection

It can be very frustrating if you are trying to use your computer tablet or smartphone and can not get an internet connection. So first lets look at how the system SHOULD work.

Your phone line and micro filters

In most cases you will get your broadband connection at home through your phone line. So the first easy check is - Is your phone working? If possible you should use an "old fashioned" corded phone for this. So if you have one plug it in at the "master socket". That is where the telephone companies cable enters your house. Disconnect anything that is not being used. Check for a dial tone, and listen for "mush" or noise on the line - like a seashore sound. Apart from the dial tone it shoud be quiet.

Dont forget, every connection to your phone system should be made through a microfilter; and they do occasionally fail, so it may need replacing. If all is well go on to check the router. Leave anything else disconnected for now.

telephone socket

Your Router

This is the box that processes the telephone signal to provide your broadband. First, inspect the cable and micro filter that connects the router to the telephone socket to make sure its all plugged in. Also the mains adapter that supplies power to your router. Then check the lights on your router.

Every router is different, so you may need to check your router manual to find out what the light conditions mean.

Usually you will have lights for the following: Power, broadband, internet, wireless and ethernet. The power and broadband lights should be on. Others may be on or flashing.




Ethernet or WiFi connections

Your router may be connected to your PC or laptop either by a wire (Ethernet) or wirelessly.

An Ethernet connection ALWAYS gives best results so unless its important to be wire-free you should use that.

Check the connectors are firmly pressed in at both ends and the wire is not badly kinked or damaged.

If you are using a wireless connection check your pc or laptop is showing the network enabled icon (like a little TV) at the bottom right of your screen.


ethernet cable